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Manitoba Fitness Council
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Our History

The Manitoba Fitness Council Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting quality in fitness leadership in order to provide Manitobans with safe, effective and enjoyable physical activity programs.

The MFC was formed in 1986 in response to a need for standardized training and recognized accreditation within the growing fitness industry. Since that time, the organization has broadened its mandate to include public education and advocacy for physical activity.

MFC’s vision is one of a vibrant province where people are active and healthy.

The MFC is volunteer based and hosts various committees. These include:

  • Conference Committee
  • Training Committee
  • Standards Committee
  • Rural Committee

**Ad hoc committees are formed when specific needs are identified.

Members may inquire about volunteering by calling the MFC by phone at 204-235-1245, or by email at info@manitobafitnesscouncil.ca.

Fitness woman in training exercises with dumbbells.

MFC Members are held to a high standard of instruction.

MFC Code of Conduct

MFC members are committed:
-to act with integrity
-to honour the rights and dignity of all individuals
-to recognize their responsibility to society, and
-to pursue excellence in fitness leadership activities.

Fitness Leaders, Course Conductors, and Evaluators will:

1. Represent themselves and their services honestly, accurately, and legally; conduct themselves in a manner that merits respect; assume responsibility for their actions and services; act fairly, in good faith, and without conflict of interest.
2. Recognize participants’ rights to be informed and respect participants’ rights to confidentiality.
3. Acknowledge personal and professional limitations; act within their scope of practice and experience; and use judgement without compromise where there is opportunity to profit.
4. Comply with all pertinent laws and regulations; support the MFC mission; and abide by MFC policies and this code of conduct.
5. Respect all participants, fitness leaders, course conductors, and evaluators and serve all participants regardless of race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, weight, social status or mental or physical disability.
6. Engage in continuing education for growth and development and assist in the further education of other leaders, trainers, assistant trainers, and apprentice leaders.
7. Improve the standards of service for the fitness leadership profession.
8. Act in the best interests of the safety of both themselves and their participants.

“Becoming a fitness leader has been an amazing job, I get to motivate people to become healthy. It has been very rewarding watching the progress of my clients”

Janet Gerber

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Manitoba Fitness Council
Unit 3-113 Marion St.
Winnipeg, MB, R2H 0T2