Thinking about a career in fitness?

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In addition to being personally rewarding, a career in fitness gives you flexibility and independence in a growing industry. Getting started can be a bit overwhelming so everyone starts with the basics.

If you are weighing your options for certification, know that when you re certified with the Manitoba Fitness Council, you will have a transferable certification, that can be used when you move to a different province or even a different country.

Our performance standards are based on National and International best practice, and are reviewed every couple of years.

Exercise theory is based on national standards and reflects over 40 years of research and practice to ensure you learn what you bring need to get started.

Fitness certification with the Manitoba Fitness Council can give you lots of options to customize your certification and specialties. We teach you how to build classes based on the certifications that you hold, that can be further customized by taking additional designations. Ex. Pre and Postnatal Fitness, Active Older Adult or our Children and Youth Certification Courses.

Since there have been massive changes to our industry since the beginning of the COVID 19 Pandemic, we have worked with our insurance companies to provide our members with affordable liability insurance.

If you have specific questions about our courses, or the certification courses, we are here to help! Call us at 204-235-1245 or send us a quick email at and we’ll help you decide what path is right for you!

COVID19 Resources

The Manitoba Fitness Council has been working diligently to keep our finger on the pulse of the Fitness Industry in Manitoba. We have initiated surveys, phone calls and visits to gyms to ensure we have an understanding of the needs of our local industry so that we communicate this to government.

One thing that we have heard recently is that both Gyms and Fitness Leaders need access to waivers/ health disclosure forms. Fitness leaders also need to inform their participants about what to do if  they experience symptoms of COVID 19 either before of after they attend a class.

We have developed a form that can be used by any Fitness Leader or gym to start offering classes again.

We also have secured insurance that will allow our instructors to teach online and have access to affordable insurance. Do you need more information? Reach out to us! 204-235-1245 or send an email to