Exams and Evaluations

You are just a couple of steps away from a career in the fitness industry.

Every certification course with the Manitoba Fitness Council requires a written exam.

Exam Registration

We are currently hosting all written exams online through a secure platform. To register for an exam please email info@manitobafitnesscouncil.ca to access the exam registration form or register online. Exams are held every second Monday evening and Thursday Afternoon. Other exam dates and times may be available.

Register for an Exam Seating online – 2023

Exam Fees are as follows: Exercise Theory $82.00** and all other written exams are $35.00**. If you are approved to challenge an exam through the knowledge transfer program or other fitness leader certification the exam fee is $110.00. (prices are subject to change).


Every practical course requires an evaluation with the exception of : Group Fundamentals, Children and Youth leader and Pre and Post Natal Fitness Leader. Practical Evaluations are $75.00 each.

We are currently conducting practical exams via video submission and/or in-person.

MFC Evaluation Video Submission Instructions

Taking the Video
  1. Use a phone, camera or iPad with ample file storage.
  2. Set up the camera so that you are seen and heard the best. Use a location with minimal background noise, or glare. It is essential that we see both you and your participants, at least some of them. You must remain the focal point.
  3. Select a video format below. One may better suit your style of class or shorter videos might be easier to save an upload. 
  4. You are being evaluated as a Fitness Leader, where you will demonstrate your instructing techniques & Skills, so it is required that we see some participants in your class. We also look for how your participants respond/listen to you during a class, therefore it is required that we see some of your participants.

Option A: 3 x fifteen minute videos

15 minutes class intro & warm up15 minutes main class component15 minutes cool down and class closure

Option B: 4 x ten minute videos

10 minutes class intro & warm up10 minutes cardiovascular component10 minutes resistance training component10 minutes cool down and class closure

Uploading & Sharing 
  1. Create a google drive account by going to google and selecting the Sign In button on the top right corner of the page. For more details on how to do this watch this video https://youtu.be/dbeuqQWNPHY
  2. Once in the google drive click New Folder. Label the Folder MFC “Aquafit (or certification name)” You can upload the videos to this folder. Ensure that each video is numbered and titled (1. Warm Up)  For more help watch this video which shows how to upload and share this file. https://youtu.be/PBSO2dXCx44
  3. Ensure to upload a detailed class plan in either Word or as PDF. This must include the goal of the class, overall timing, number of sets, repetitions and how intensity will be monitored.
  4. Share this link with info@manitobafitnesscouncil.ca. Evaluation fees must be paid before the video will be evaluated. 
  5. The MFC will only have access to the video as long as you have kept the folder shareable. Once your evaluation is completed you can remove the folder for your privacy.
General Guidelines
  1. Keep music volume low enough so that your instructions are clearly audible.
  2. Let participant’s know that this video will be shared with the MFC only and will not be made public in any way.
  3. Ensure that you are visible the entire time. If you move around the room, please change the camera so that you can be seen and heard.
  4. Remember to identify yourself at the beginning of the class/video. State what certification/class you are teaching and the stages of the workout that will be seen in the class.
  5. Verbalize the PARQ+ or state if this was completed before the start of the class and that all participants are “apparently healthy” to participate.
  6. Remind participants to drink water, take rest when needed and provide rationale for exercise selections in relation to activities of daily living. 
  7. Always ask for permission to touch a participant.

Need Help Preparing for an Exam?

Exam preparations sessions are available for a fee. Please inquire with us for current availability.