First Aid Courses

Emergency First Aid with CPR A or C 

We recommend taking your First Aid and CPR Courses with the following local providers:

Canadian First Aid Training Centre on Provencher

First Aid Training Centre by Polo Park

They have many courses running on a regular basis.

**Please ensure you course has a Canadian Approved Name (like Canadian Red Cross. St. John’s Ambulance. Heart & Stroke). We do not accept strictly online courses or American run courses.

First Aid in Manitoba, requires a certain amount of “in person” instruction. We do not accept classes that were completed 100% online or were not hosted by one of the organizations approved by the Government of Manitoba Department of Labour.

NEW MFC Changes to CPR and First Aid requirements:

The Manitoba Fitness Council has reviewed some of the barriers to retaining membership and annual CPR has been identified as a barrier especially for rural leaders. The MFC has passed a motion that CPR recertification is no longer required every year. CPR will be valid as per the date on the card. We have posted a CPR refresher video below and encourage you to visit it at least once every year.

**Annual CPR is still recommended. Please check with your employers as per their CPR requirement.

All certified leaders need to meet the minimum standard of Emergency First Aid with CPR A.

The Manitoba Fitness Council ONLY recognizes the following First Aid Providers: