MFC – Board of Directors

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The MFC has several volunteer committees that are always looking for members! Call or email to enquiry about volunteer available opportunities.

Manitoba Fitness Council Inc.

2020-2021 Board of Directors

Executive Board of Directors

 Sheena Kilpatrick– Chair

David Rondeau – Executive Member

Doug Yaholkoski – Treasurer

Averill Stephenson  – Executive Member

Board of Directors

Andrea Bedard– University of Winnipeg Representative

Amanda Heide – Rural Representative

Stuart Klassen – Member at Large

Averill Stephenson – Conference Committee Representative

Nancy Mclennan – Member at Large

Terry Burton – City of Winnipeg Representative

Heather Hiscock  – Member at Large

Scott Magnus – Member at Large

Jon Belanger– Member at Large

Annabel Scott – Member at Large


Stephanie Jeffrey – Executive Director

Tina Bergen – Executive Assistant