Pre and Post Natal Fitness Leader

Pre and Post Natal Fitness Course

Harmony Tree Studio 

May 18 & 25, 2021 (6 pm – 9:30 pm)

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**The manual must be purchased from the MFC office before the course dates.

Please call 204-671-0692 or for more information

Harmony Tree Studio
Pre/Post Natal Course

July 27th, 2021
Please contact Sheena at Harmony Tree Studio for more information. or

Manitoba Fitness Council @ the Rady JCC Fitness Centre
Pre/Post Natal Fitness Course
January 6, 2022 (9am-4pm)
Please Register Here. For further questions please contact 204-235-1245 or

**Pre-requisite courses are the Exercise Theory Course AND and an MFC Certification Course.

This certification is available to those who have completed a prior certification course with the MFC or an NFLA partner.

Prenatal and Postnatal Fitness Leader Certification

The Manitoba Fitness Council understands that exercise during and after pregnancy is important – and the right Fitness Leader with the right information is integral part of the process. Over the course of this workshop you’ll learn the specific changes to the mother’s body as it relates to her participation in exercise and fitness classes.
We’ll dispel myths, and provide education through extensive research of current prenatal and postnatal resources.  This course is available to all those currently certified as Fitness Leaders with the MFC and will allow the fitness leader to be prepared for questions and concerns regarding exercise and the changing needs of the mother.