Resistance Training

****Some of our courses have been cancelled and/or postponed due to COVID-19… as soon as more course dates are available, we will add them to this page. For now, these are all the courses available.

Let’s Get lifting

A comprehensive course designed to design and instruct beginner to intermediate resistance training programs for group settings such as weight room supervision or resistance training classes. This is characterized by a strong educational component and/or actually guiding this group through their workout.

This course is required, if you plan on taking the Registered Personal Trainer Certification Course.

More Course Dates to be added soon

Additional Resource – Movement Mechanics Videos

Inversion/Eversion –

Elevation & Depression –

Circumduction & Rotation –

Abduction & Adduction –

Flexion & Extension –

Proximal & Distal –

Planes of Motion –

“I learned so much taking this course, I had been leaving out whole muscle groups in my own personal workouts!”

Joe Doherty