Step and Choreography Certification


Group Exercise Fundamentals

** This course is required before you can take Group Cycling, Group Sport conditioning, Group Choreography & Step, Pilates**

A minimum 8 hour course covering topics specific to leading group exercise classes. Topics included are: leadership, trends and media, history, legal responsibility and accountability, class components, music, movement and cueing, developing movement combinations, exercise analysis, and special populations. This course may be combined with a specialization practical designation course such as Choreography/Step, Group Cycle, or Sport Conditioning.

Please note that Group Exercise Fundamentals and Designation courses may be taken separately or as a combined offering.

Choreography/ Step Course

Harmony Tree Studio

June 8 & 15 6:00-9:30

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Please call 204-671-0692 or for more information

Harmony Tree Studio
Group Choreography & Step Course

August 10, 2021
Please contact Sheena at Harmony Tree Studio for more information.
204-671-0692 or

Manitoba Fitness Council @ the Rady
Group Fitness Choreography & Step Course
October 29-30, 2021 (Friday 6-10 online, Saturday 9am-5pm in person)
Please Register Here. For further questions please contact 204-235-1245 or

**Pre-requisite courses are Exercise Theory AND Group Fitness Fundamentals.

Choreography/ Step Course

A minimum 12 hour course covering topics specific to leading group exercise choreography classes. This practical based course will cover specific information for planning and developing floor-based and step based choreography classes. Topics include: history of floor-based group exercise, research and guidelines, class structure and content; planning, class components, use of music, leadership and choreography; movement combinations, instruction and cueing.

*May include, but not limited to high, low, moderate impact, combination, step, bosu, cardio kickboxing

“This course gave me the skills to develop my own choreography, it is not too hard after I learned how to follow the music. I am excited to teach this to the participants at our gym.”

Terri Smith