Workshops and Webinars

The workshops on this page have all been previously recorded.

The MFC is constantly offering webinars and workshops, if you are a member of the MFC we send you these opportunities as they are scheduled.

Falls Prevention

Falls Prevention Video Links Document

In order to receive 1.5 CEC’s for this video series

Please watch all ten videos and give a written comment for how each of these can be addressed by a change that you can make to your class or by showing how a component of your class already meets this standard.

PARQ+ 2017

Voice Health for fitness professionals

Diastases Rectus Abdominis

Lessons on Improving Health for People of all sizes

Inversion / Eversion

Elevation and Depression

 Circumduction and Rotation

Abduction and Adduction

Proximal and Distal

Planes of Motion

Once this is submitted to the MFC via email at or mail, you’ll receive a CEC certificate