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Twila Cuthbert

Regions: Central, Eastman, Interlake, Norman, Parkland, Westman, Winnipeg

Certifications: CSEP CEP


Twila joined the team at Pure Lifestyle with a rich background in occupational fitness testing, personal training, group fitness leadership and the prevention and management of chronic disease through exercise. She completed her CSEP CPT designation in 2012, graduated with a Bachelor of Kinesiology in 2013 and became a CSEP Certified Exercise Physiologist within 9 months of finishing her university degree. She is relentless in her passion to learn new things about the human body, health and fitness. Twila believes in living a healthy lifestyle, and she advocates for holistic health; spending time with family, taking time to reflect/meditate, and allowing the body to rest and recover. She enjoys taking time to prepare delicious, nutritious food using local ingredients, and uses active transportation (cycling) whenever possible. She believes that what happens in the gym is just one part of the bigger picture. For instance, gaining success in small things like drinking enough water and getting a solid sleep each night will greatly improve gym performance and overall health. A healthy lifestyle doesn’t happen overnight, but Twila loves to take the journey with each client. With Twila, what you see is what you get. She takes a “no nonsense” approach to training and she won’t let her clients settle for anything less than their best. She is a tough trainer, but she pulls performance potential out of every client she trains. It gives her great fulfillment to help her clients excel. Twila is also meticulous about form, posture, balance and injury prevention; she is committed to helping her clients stay healthy for the long-term. Ultimately, Twila cares deeply about each and every one of her clients. She is known to go the extra mile, to be their biggest cheerleader, to back her program design by the latest research, and to hold herself to the highest level of integrity.

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Company: Pure Lifestyle Ltd.

Phone: 204-894-2052

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