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Online Classes During Covid Pandemic

Online Classes During Covid Pandemic

Currently your policy provides coverage to any fitness leader that conducts online training as long as it is within 10% of their annual gross revenue. As an accommodation until September 30, 2020, your insurers have agreed to lift the restriction and extend coverage to any fitness leader or personal trainer, subject to the following restrictions:


&#61623        All participants must be existing registered clients.

&#61623        Participants must login to the permitted delivery tool, and register to participate in a class.

&#61623        Publicly accessible broadcast tools such Instagram Live, Facebook Live, YouTube, etc. and pre-recorded videos are not acceptable methods of delivering online training.  This is because these platforms do not allow two way video and communication for fitness leaders to determine if participants are in distress, or performing exercises in a way that could lead to injury.

&#61623        Permitted delivery tools must include the use of controlled, multi-screen video conferencing programs with two-way video  and communication, such as Skype or Zoom.

&#61623        All injuries must be documented.

&#61623        Instructors must advise HUB International Insurance Brokers in writing before initiating online classes, and include the following information:

  1. Number of online classes per week
  2. Instructor’s remote location, bearing in mind facilities are closed
  3. Class content (activities to be conducted)
  4. Number of participants per class (ensure all participants are current registered clients before the start of the session)
  5. Class is limited to the number of participants that can be viewed on a single screen, with no more than four (4) participants in one location while following Provincial Physical Distancing Guidelines
  6. Participants must have completed the necessary Par-Q forms

&#61623        Instruction to professional athletes and carded amateur athletes is strictly prohibited.

&#61623        Coverage does not extend to work-related rehabilitation of any condition.


If fitness leaders will be conducting online classes that exceed 10% of their gross revenues, they will need to contact us directly at or 604-269-1919 to have an endorsement issued. The additional premium charged will be $10.00.