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Continuing Education Credits

Continuing Education Credits

CEC Opportunity – Workshops

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CEC Opportunity – Upcoming Workshop

University of Manitoba – Faculty of Kinesiology and Recreation Management – Research Day

Tuesday, May 8th, 2018


Active Living Centre Agora – University of Manitoba

Registration is now open!

For all the details, please visit:

Manitoba Fitness Council Members will receive 6 CEC’s if you can show proof of attending the event.

Upcoming Aqua Arthritis Re-Cert Workshop

Aqua Arthritis Re-Cert Workshop With Bonnie Hopps

Re-qualification Workshop – January 26th, 2018 – 12:30 – 4:30 pm
Location of workshop: TBA
Registration is required, please contact the MFC office to register. 204-235-1245 or email

 Upcoming Aqua Arthritis Workshop
Aqua Arthritis Workshop With Bonnie Hopps
Full Workshop – December 2nd and 3rd @ 1pm-5pm both days
Re-qualification Workshop – December 3rd @ 1pm-5pm
Location of workshop: Kinsmen Sherbrook Pool (381 Sherbrook Street)
Registration is required, please contact the MFC office to register. 204-235-1245 or email

Upcoming seminars in 2018 with the Centre on Aging. All seminars will be held at the Millennium Library downtown from 12:00–1:00 pm. Full summaries and individual posters can be found on our Web site:

MFC members will receive 1 CEC for each seminar attended.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

12:00–1:00 PM

Millennium Library (Anhang Room) | 251 Donald Street

Mindsets matter: The psychology of aging well

Judith Chipperfield, PhD, Professor, Department of Psychology, Faculty of Arts


Tuesday, February 6, 2018

12:00–1:00 PM

Millennium Library (Anhang Room) | 251 Donald Street

Looking inwards: How aspects of the self can be used to understand and influence health behaviour

Shaelyn Strachan, PhD, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Kinesiology and Recreation Management


Tuesday, April 10, 2018

12:00–1:00 PM

Millennium Library (Anhang Room) | 251 Donald Street

Tips to help older adults stay physically active: How supportive environments can help

Elizabeth Ready, PhD, Professor, Faculty of Kinesiology and Recreation Management

Please contact Rachel Ines for any questions about these seminars 


 CEC Allocation Process:

We have recently revamped our CEC Allocation process to better allow our members to assess CEC possibilities offered in Manitoba. If there conferences, workshops or seminars that you attend that follow the same content as the suggested topics below there will be an opportunity to gain CEC’s for those.

We will still need applications to be sent in with the agenda and the credentials of the sessions that you attend.

CEC’s will be assessed according to the following criteria:

Theory Seminars

These seminars are designed to increase the understanding of facts, concepts, research and theories. The teaching format is one or a combination of lecture, group work, reading or other learning strategies intended for increasing knowledge. Movement may be a part of the learning process but only to illustrate, reinforce or analyze the new knowledge.

Sample seminar topics include but are not limited to:

Theory Seminars

Anatomy Exercise Analysis
Health Safety Tips
Injury Prevention New Research
Nutrition Physiology of Exercise
Healthy Body Weight

Practical Seminars

Special Populations (New Comers, Older Adult, Seniors Youth, People With Physical Disabilities Use of Equipment/Apparatus (ex. Strength Training Equipment, Skin Fold Calipers
Testing Techniques Specialty Classes (Ex. Step Stability Ball)
Choreography 1 CEC also available for attending another MFC Leader’s Class (3 Max)

Leadership Seminars

Motivation Coaching
Climate Setting Customer Service
Group Dynamics Counselling
Behavior Change Presentation Skills
Communication Management Training
Psychology Leadership Theories
Adult Education Goal Setting
Organizational Skill Building Program Planning