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Continuing Education Credits

Continuing Education Credits

CEC Opportunity – Workshops

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CEC Opportunity – Upcoming Workshop

 The Minds in Motion® program provides a group exercise class for people with early-moderate stages of dementia to participate in with a family member or community friend.  This unique program is managed by the Alzheimer Society of Manitoba in conjunction with our many community partners.  Please see for more information.
Minds in Motion® Development Day
Date: Thursday October 5, 2017
Time: 1-5pm at theSt. James Civic Centre
Location: 2055 Ness Avenue
This two-part workshop features a theory and practical component.
MFC members $20. MFC Members will receive 3 CEC’s for this event.
Part I:  1pm-2:30
Brain and Behavior: Learn the 7 A’s of dementia and how the particular brain changes affect the life of a person with dementia
Joyce Klassen; P.I.E.C.E.S. Education Coordinator; Alzheimer Society of Manitoba
Part II:  3pm-5pm
Communication, Cueing and Choreography: Dementia causes changes in the brain that affects how people process information.  What would your next group fitness class look like if your participants couldn’t see you or understand your cues? Effective cueing involves simple language, proper timing and seamless transitions. Instructors will experience a variety of practical applications that will identify the effectiveness of their cues.  Maria Mathews; Minds in Motion® Program Manager, MFC Certified; Group Fitness, Older Adult, Cycling & Aqua
MFC: 3 CEC’s
Please contact Maria Mathews, Minds in Motion® Program Manager at 204-943-6622 to register.

CEC Opportunity – 4 MFC CEC’s for this event

AEROBICS is Back!  Bigger, Better, HIGHer!
HIGH Fitness is a hardcore, fun fitness class that incorporates aerobic interval training with music you love, and intense easy to follow fitness choreography. It combines FUN (pop songs of old and new that everyone knows and loves) with INTENSITY (intervals, plyometrics, and cardio) and CONSISTENCY (each song has specific simple moves taught the same by all instructors). Together they make a recipe for success, repeat participation and results! HIGH Fitness produces a high caloric burn and full-body toning through its carefully formulated choreography that alternates between intense cardio peaks and toning tracks. Get addicted!

An Instructor Training is coming up in Winnipeg – join the HIGH Fitness community!

August 26, 2017
9:00 AM – 5:30 PM
Reh-Fit Centre: 1390 Taylor Ave
$250 Early Bird pricing until August 11th ($300 after August 11th)
Register online at
Contact for more information




 CEC Allocation Process:

We have recently revamped our CEC Allocation process to better allow our members to assess CEC possibilities offered in Manitoba. If there conferences, workshops or seminars that you attend that follow the same content as the suggested topics below there will be an opportunity to gain CEC’s for those.

We will still need applications to be sent in with the agenda and the credentials of the sessions that you attend.

CEC’s will be assessed according to the following criteria:

Theory Seminars

These seminars are designed to increase the understanding of facts, concepts, research and theories. The teaching format is one or a combination of lecture, group work, reading or other learning strategies intended for increasing knowledge. Movement may be a part of the learning process but only to illustrate, reinforce or analyze the new knowledge.

Sample seminar topics include but are not limited to:

Theory Seminars

Anatomy Exercise Analysis
Health Safety Tips
Injury Prevention New Research
Nutrition Physiology of Exercise
Healthy Body Weight

Practical Seminars

Special Populations (New Comers, Older Adult, Seniors Youth, People With Physical Disabilities Use of Equipment/Apparatus (ex. Strength Training Equipment, Skin Fold Calipers
Testing Techniques Specialty Classes (Ex. Step Stability Ball)
Choreography 1 CEC also available for attending another MFC Leader’s Class (3 Max)

Leadership Seminars

Motivation Coaching
Climate Setting Customer Service
Group Dynamics Counselling
Behavior Change Presentation Skills
Communication Management Training
Psychology Leadership Theories
Adult Education Goal Setting
Organizational Skill Building Program Planning