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Distance Education CEC’s

Distance Education CEC’s

MFC Distance Education

The Distance Education Program allows MFC leaders to earn Continuing Education Credits through newsletter articles, videos and webinars. Please contact the Manitoba Fitness Council Inc. for more information on this opportunity. Email us at or phone us at 204-235-1245.

Eat, Move & Be healthy: A Nutrition Continuing Education Program

How’s your food fitness? If you’re not sure, or want to learn more – this program is for you!

Eat, move and be healthy, a nutrition program for Manitoba fitness leaders is a Continuing Education program designed specifically for MFC in partnership with the Registered Dietitians at Dairy Farmers of Manitoba*.

The course will address areas of interest and need identified in our nutrition survey last year. We will ensure your nutrition information is current by building a science-based foundation in the first part of the course (You’ll learn the reasons behind existing nutrition advice and review basic healthy eating by assessing your own food and nutrient intake). Once you have the basics, future modules will cover a variety of current food and nutrition issues.

Course material will be available to you in “modules”. It is available in print in a binder format that will allow you to keep all of the information in one place, or in a pdf that will be sent to you by email.

You will do personal learning activities as part of each module as well as submit an assignment for CEC credits at the end of each module. You must complete Modules 1 – 3 to participate in the rest of this program. You will receive 5 CEC credits for completing these 3 modules. Once you have these 5 credits, you are welcome to complete further modules in whatever order you wish!

How to register: Please contact the MFC office at 204-235-1245 or email,

Leaders can start the program at any time.
* MFC has worked with the Registered Dietitians at Dairy Farmers of Manitoba for 30 years to offer nutrition workshops and resources specifically designed to meet the need of fitness professionals.

Human Kinetics Online Courses

A new way to earn Continuing Education Credits!
Human Kinetics (HK) and the Manitoba Fitness Council (MFC) are excited to announce a partnership in Continuing Education. As part of the MFC mission, members will now have another excellent opportunity to access quality continuing education courses through the new MFC Online Education Store.

Human Kinetics’ online education courses are based on the case study method and feature web-based study guides that add real world application of the subject matter. These innovative courses are designed to meet your needs as a professional in today’s growing fitness environment.

Approved courses:

  1. Weight Management – 6T CEC’s
  2. Starting a Fitness Business – 4T CEC’s
  3. Core Assessment and Training – 3T 2P CEC’s
  4. Exercise Anatomy Version – 6T CEC’s

Seniors Course/Third Age

If you are already a fitness leader and are interested in training seniors, this is the course for you.

This interesting and educational course is designed to help the fitness leader instruct seniors through a safe and effective fitness program. As we age we go through many changes, both physiological and psychological. You will learn how aging affects the heart, lungs, muscles and soft tissue and how it affects a person’s flexibility, strength and metabolism. Help the seniors you train get the best from your training sessions!

The author, Wendy Thomas, has over 25 years in the fitness industry and specializes in training older adults. This well written and entertaining manual gives you all the tools to safely and effectively work with the senior population

Cost $199.00

Please contact to register for this course.
CEC Allocations : 2.5 T and 2.25 P
(approximately 15 hours to complete)

Awesome Abs

This workshop is loaded with dozens of full colour photos that will help you have stronger abdominal/core muscles. Regular sit ups don’t work to develop all the abdominal muscles! Learn tons of new ways to work your abdominals that will turn yours into a six pack. Exercises include ball and mat work. It is core stability you are looking for this workshop will give you lots of ideas for injury and pain prevention, great posture and super abdominals. If you are working in the fitness industry this workshop is a must.

Cost $45.00

Please contact to register for this course.
CEC Allocations : 2.5 T and 2.25 P
(approximately 8 hours to complete)

Better Butts

This workshop will help you design the most effective leg and butt exercises. Anatomy of the gluteal and hip area is discussed. The Better Butts workshop is loaded with dozens of full colour photos so you can learn great exercises to teach your fitness participants.

Cost $45.00

Please contact to register for this course.
CEC Allocations : 2.5 T and 2.25 P
(approximately 8 hours to complete)