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How do I know when I need to renew?

You will receive notification 4-6 months prior to your expiry date by email. The application form will be mailed to you 1.5 months before your renewal date which must be completed and returned with supporting documents and payment two weeks prior to your expiry date.

What does current CPR/First Aid mean?

First Aid and CPR is valid as per date given on your First Aid/CPR card. However, CPR is highly recommended to renew every year.

I don’t have enough continuing education credits to renew. What do I do?

You can apply for an extension, although a late fee of $20.00 may be applied.

How can I get continuing education credits without going to a workshop?

Online webinars are available and the MFC has developed exam questions to accompany them. A CEC certificate will be mailed to you upon completion.

I want to go to a conference out of the province. How do I get CEC credits?

First, check to see if the conference organizers applied for MFC credits (this may be listed in the brochure). If not, you will need to submit a certificate indicating that you attended the conference along with a brochure describing the sessions that you attended.

Do I have to complete a renewal evaluation?

You only have to complete a renewal evaluation if this is your FIRST 3 year renewal application.

I have all the requirements for renewal except my CPR. Should I still send the other things in?

Yes. This lets us know that you are in the process of renewing.

My videos from the Resource Library are due. Can I keep them longer?

As long as there isn’t a waiting list for those particular videos. Contact our office if you’d like to extend the deadline for another 2-week period.