The Fitness Leadership Canada is a partnership of not-for profit organizations dedicated to the advancement of exercise accreditation and leadership. 

 Together we develop, promote and implement national standards for the accreditation, training and registration of exercise professionals in Canada.

We represent over 10,000 registered exercise professionals living and working in provinces and territories across Canada.


FLC Canada’s main focus is the development and stewardship of national standards and exercise leadership registration across Canada. We are an advocate for exercise leadership at the National level. We:

  • work collaboratively to promote qualified exercise professionals in Canada;
  • are a national and international advocate for exercise professionals;
  • hold the Performance Standards for exercise leadership registration in Canada

FLC members are committed to a common vision, open communication, sharing and enhancing resources and working together towards an effective, national network. We are the Canadian member of the International Confederation of Registers for Exercise Professionals. Our work with ICREPs furthers our goals by: 

  • providing international portability for Canadian registered exercise professionals through the establishment of registers for exercise professionals and international alignment of standards for practice.
  • allowing us to share leading practices with international exercise organizations
  • providing the ICREPs-endorsed registry for Canadian exercise professionals, through our partnerships

The Fitness Leadership Canada is dedicated to developing, promoting and implementing national standards for the training, registration and certification of exercise professionals in Canada.

To become accredited please contact the organization in your region. Qualifications of exercise professionals accredited through FLC affiliated organizations are recognized and transferable nationally. 


Alberta/North West Territories – Alberta Fitness Leadership Certification Association
British Columbia/Yukon – British Columbia Recreation and Parks Association
Saskatchewan – Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association
Manitoba – Manitoba Fitness Council
Ontario – Ontario Fitness Council
New Brunswick – Fitness New Brunswick
Nova Scotia – Nova Scotia Fitness Association