Recreation Director Specials

We know that we have lost a lot of rural fitness leaders and we’d like to be able to help you to create a new bank of instructors in your community. I started my career in rural Manitoba as a Recreation Director and I understand the challenges. Our certification sport conditioning was developed for rural communities that may have access to very small amounts of equipment. 

We have developed three programs that are on Sale until September and are at a highly discounted rate. These certifications packages are easier to manage for new instructors as everything is purchased at one time, making the process very easy to navigate. 

  1. Certification in Sports Conditioning (Circuit Training)
  2. Certification in Aquatic Exercise (in case you have a pool)
  3. Certificate for Active Living Facilitators with training to create and operate walking programs

We know online learning can be challenging but we are here to help with online tutoring and study sessions available for those who need/want it. 

See the attached information sheets that online the options. 

Thank-you for supporting your community and their health and wellbeing!  We value the job you do and the presence that you have in your community. Keep up the great work!