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Falls Prevention

Falls Prevention Video Links Document

In order to receive 1.5 CEC’s for this video series

Please watch all ten videos and give a written comment for how each of these can be addressed by a change that you can make to your class or by showing how a component of your class already meets this standard.

Does Going to the Gym really Change Health outcomes?

Association of Membership Analyzed data from our  Medical Fitness Facilities with Adverse Health Outcomes and have shared the following data.

Over a 10 year period data was collected at both the Wellness Institute and the Reh-Fit centre in Winnipeg.

We are able to share the data with you in a 25  minute video that can be watched anytime.  

This data is exciting to view and the best part.. you can get 1CEC from watching the video and answering the following question:

1. What do you think are the factors that are created  the differences in mortality rates between the control group and the participants who visited the facility?  

How to Stay Active at Home

The Physical Activity Coalition of Manitoba wants to help you stay active at home and so we are sharing presentations from two fitness professionals who can help you find active things for yourself, your students or your children.

1 CEC is available for those that send the answer to this question: What have you done or what can you do to help others that you work with to stay active using non traditional equipment?


How to Engage online with your Physical Activity Participants

We are all looking for ways to engage with our clients and this video provides different perspectives and allows you to hear from a fitness leader that has tried them out. To get the 1 CEC for this workshop, please send the answer to this question: What organization is the presenter from? Please send your answer to:

A Manitoba Perspective on Falls Prevention

Manitoba Fitness Council: Falls are a leading cause of injury, hospitalization, and death in older adults. Specific exercises and falls prevention education can be easily implemented into fitness classes. Fitness Leaders can work towards reducing the fear of falling and assist with building confidence to get people back into safe and effective exercise programs. Presenter: Andrea Smith MSc, ACSM-CIFT and Instructor in Kinesiology and Applied Health, University of Winnipeg.

In order to get your 1 CEC for this video send the answer to this question: What did you learn about falls prevention?

Voice Health Webinar

1 hour 2 mins

Objectives: The goal of this presentation is to provide education regarding the voice and vocal hygiene strategies for fitness instructors involved in vocally demanding positions. The presentation will begin with a review of the anatomy. Participants will then learn what can go wrong with the voice, and how to prevent voice problems. The final discussion will address what to do if voice problems are suspected. Presenter: Janine Ennis M.S., S-LP, CCC is a speech-language pathologist at the Health Sciences Centre Voice Clinic. Janine has worked with people with voice disorders for 15 years.

CEC/PDC’s = 1 creditPlease contact the MFC office, at 204-235-1245 or send an email to : to register for this workshop

PARQ+ 2017

Voice Health for fitness professionals

Diastases Rectus Abdominis

Lessons on Improving Health for People of all sizes

Lessons on Improving Public Health for People of All Sizes

What is it that attracts those with excess weight to join a fitness class, gym, or other activity? Sometimes the way these people are treated not just by staff, but by others at these facilities can have a negative effect on their motivation to return.  How can we as fitness professional create an atmosphere that promotes positive body image and acceptance for all people within our classes and facilities?

Follow the link below to watch the webinar created by the Manitoba Fitness Council and Dr. Andrea Bombak, as she reveals the findings of her research into motivation for people of a larger size. To obtain the credits for the webinar, send us the answers to the questions that she has provided at the end of the webinar. Your answers will be shared with the researcher as a follow up to her study.

Please answer the questions in the video and email your answers to to receive your 1 MFC credit.

Inversion / Eversion

Elevation and Depression

 Circumduction and Rotation

Abduction and Adduction

Proximal and Distal

Planes of Motion

Once this is submitted to the MFC via email at or mail, you’ll receive a CEC certificate