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Active Older Adult 

It is estimated that by the year 2031, 20 % of Canada’s population will be older than 65 years old and unfortunately, the majority of people in this age group are not active enough to realize health benefits and as such, a great load is put upon our health care and long-term care resources. By the 1980’s the Canadian government recognized that costs associated with institutionalization were drastically escalating and that different ways were needed to manage health care costs. The MFC Active Older Adult course prepares you to work with older adults.

The new format for this course includes an at-home/distance education component which MUST be completed prior to attending the 8-hour in-class session. The at-home manual and text MUST be purchased at the MFC office prior to attending this program. As with all MFC certification courses, a written exam and practical evaluation are required after completing this course,  in order to gain this certification

Please pick up your course materials from the MFC office and review the information BEFORE this course date.

This course is a designation course therefore leaders must have a completed certification to add this course.

Currently certified MFC Instructors can expand their knowledge to teach Active Older Adults. This enhancement course teaches the physiological, biological and social changes affecting older adults. Principles will be applied to help you motivate and educate your older participants to develop strength, balance and coordination to improve active daily living skills.

If you are teaching land based classes you must hold a land based certification (Group, Resistance Training or Yoga). If you hold the Aqua Certification, then you can teach AOA in the water to your participants. 



Active Older Adult Course 

DATE: April 14, 2024 

9am-5pm in-person. Location-MFC office, 113 Marion Street

Please Register Here. Please pick up your course materials from the MFC office and review the information BEFORE this course date.  For more information you can call 204-235-1245.

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