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Group Cycle Certification 

A minimum 8 hour course covering topics specific to leading group exercise classes. Topics included are: leadership, trends and media, history, legal responsibility and accountability, class components, music, movement and cueing, developing movement combinations, exercise analysis, and special populations. 


 This practical based course will help you plan, develop and lead indoor cycling classes and cover everything from bike-set-up and safely to pedaling, cadence, posture, structure, content as well as the physiology behind this type of cardiovascular training. Become a great coach with ideas about cueing, class styles and use of music. No previous cycling experience required. Each participant must be ready to ride and bring a towel, water bottle and a set of headphones.

Teaching mentorship is recommended after attending this workshop to build your skills. Ask us how to find a location to mentor.

Course Dates: 

Group Fitness CYCLING Course
Location: Winnipeg, Rady JCC fitness Centre
Dates: February 11, 2024. Attendance is required at all classes. 
Times: (9-5 PM IN-PERSON). Please Register Here.  
Manuals must be purchased from the MFC office, please call 204-235-1245 to arrange for manual.

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