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Depending on when you finish your certification you get assigned a December or June Renewal (this is when your fees are due and every three years this is when your proof of your Continuing Education Credits are due to be submitted. 

For a successful renewal, you must complete the following checklist:

  • Completed renewal forms (will be sent to you via email 2 months ahed of the date)
  • Copies of your 18 continuing education credit (CEC) certificates: These need to be approved by us or CEC’s that you took from us. (This could include relevant university courses, workshops, seminars and other certification courses. 
  • Practical Evaluation: ** Practical evaluation is ONLY required if this is your FIRST 3-year renewal application. Contact the MFC office to arrange your evaluation. Please submit payment of $75.00 to MFC prior to the date of your evaluation. If the facility you teach at has an MFC evaluator and provides complimentary evaluations, make the arrangements with your facility.
  • Copies of your current CPR and First Aid.
  • Your liability insurance coverage is always dependent on a current First Aid/CPR. If you do not hold a current copy at any time, your liability insurance policy will not be valid.  Please keep a copy of your CPR/First Aid Certifications in your own files for up to 7 years.  These requirements are in accordance with your insurance coverage.  We require you to update our files with each CPR and CPR/First Aid Certification by  mail or email. 

Your membership fee must be paid, this payment includes your insurance. Payments can be made online through your account on our website. A late fee of $20 will be applied to all applications not submitted by the end of June or December, depending on which renewal date you have been assigned. To avoid late fees, send in payment along with the information that you do have and a note regarding your intentions for what is missing.  

Thank you for continuing to be an MFC member and supporting the organization. We value the job you do and the presence that you have in your community. Keep up the great work!

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